Why Choose Us

We listen to you carefully in order to understand your specific needs. Our learning and development consultants help with training needs analysis and use a variety of leadership / personality assessment tools such as MBTI and DISC. Training interventions follow a systematic approach and are tailored to fit your organization's context and business objectives. In-house training is delivered in form of active participant-centered sessions using a facilitation style.

We set measurable training goals with you

We advise you, based on our experience in the international corporate training industry, on what you can aim to achieve. Our training director works closely with your learning and development team to identify learning outcomes and management deliverables

You get discount on volume purchases

We offer cost-effective in-house training for leadership and soft skills development programs. Discount packages are available to clients seeking a long-term training partner.

We focus on flexible delivery management

We take a project management approach to course delivery to make sure your training runs smoothly. Every aspect is well monitored and executed from the needs analysis to the on-site delivery of training. Yet we keep an open and flexible mind since schedules can sometimes change.

Your training will be tailored to your business

We tailor training to your specific situation to make it really relevant to your organization and we design your courses carefully. This is achieved by customizing course content and designing useful workshop activities that simulate your real business.

Our bi-lingual trainers have a strong business background

We supply trainers that have considerable international corporate training experience and a strong business background. Many of our trainers have had a career in top multinational companies.

You will pick up new leadership skills

We empower your staff with leadership skills, influence soft skills and enhanced communication skills. Training activities are designed to equip your staff with practical skills and change behavior.

You can gain insight into intercultural communication

We challenge your way of thinking about the world. Chinese executives can develop international mindset. Western managers can also deepen their cross-cultural empathy by taking our coaching.

Our soft skills courses are an enjoyable experience

We motivate you by making our courses both mentally stimulating and emotionally enjoyable. Training needs to be engaging and active for real behavior shift to occur.