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PPT Design Skills

Email Soft Skills
MBA / Engineering Degree
  • 10 years | Training
  • 14 years | Business
  • Manufacturing / R&D
  • PPT Design Skills
  • Interactive Presenta..

Business Background (14 years)

His previous US work experience centered on business and manufacturing. After earning a Mechanical Engineering BS degree as well as an MBA from reputable New York universities, he worked for several major companies, such as General Electric, as well as a startup company. Hence he understands business from the large corporation and small company size perspective. Therefore, trainees benefit greatly from his rich business working experience which combines both practical knowledge and theory-based understanding.

Training Experience (10 years)

He has been conducting business training for 7-years in Shanghai China at various international as well as Chinese companies. Using a creative training methodology to stimulate trainees and encourage participation to enhance their business English communication skills. He has created business-related stories using pictures and teach business terminology as well as provide interesting lessons so trainees can learn through active participation. His training goal is two fold. First, help trainees achieve a solid understanding of professional English communication, encompassing language and professionalism. Secondly, help trainees to realize the importance of English communication in the workplace to facilitate a higher productivity level.

Industry knowledge

Technical Writing Hospitality Marketing
Product Development Manufacturing R & D
Software Development Team Building Quality Control
Construction Presentation Skills Construction
Presentation Skills Time Management Bus Communication
Exporting Management Negotiation Skills

Sample Clients

Faurecia Randstad IGE
IPSOS Schneider Electric Takara
PB (China) KeYun Logistics E-BaoTech
Cara British Education Tyco Electronics
Delvanlay Mondial Assistance Novo

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