Specialization: Conflict Management

USA-001-Conflict Management-NewSkilz-Corporate-Training USA-001

Negotiation Skills

Excecutive Facilitat
Postgraduate Degree
  • 6 years | Training
  • 30 years | Business
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Change Management
  • NLP Problem Solving

Business Background (30 years)

Based in USA, and a real Master Trainer! 30 years of Business management experience including administration, manufacturing, quality control, distribution and human resources. 10 years as general manager of a human resources company, working with manufacturing and distribution companies. 10 years as director of a community based mediation center, working with courts, schools and businesses. 10 years as adjunct professor at the University of Nevada and the National judicial College.

Training Experience (6 years)

Provided 30,000 student-classroom hours of teaching and training Soft skills trainer for university, community colleges, and private programs. Courses taught include: Teaching to Learning Styles, Culture and Communication, Emotional and Social Intelligence, Asking Better Questions, Customer Service, Ethical Decision Making, Reciprocal Negotiation, Mediation, Group Facilitation and Problem Solving, Strategic Planning, Teambuilding, and Imagination and Creativity, Train the Trainer.

Industry knowledge

Pharmaceutical Food Cosmetic
Change Management Training Design Manufacturing
Logistics Human Resources Soft Skills
Legal Corporate Training China Coaching

Sample Clients

Royal Bank of Scotland Mphasis Coca-cola
Citibank ebay Pfizer
Microflex Government Agencies Americorps Vocational Rehabilitation
Desert Research Institute Regional Governing Board AMCHAM

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