Specialization: 变革管理

Malaysia -001-变革管理-NewSkilz-Corporate-Training Malaysia -001


MSc Master Degree
  • 8 years | Training
  • 20 years | Business
  • Strategic Planning
  • 交互式会议技能
  • 变革管理教练

Business Background (20 years)

Based in Malaysia, he has extensive experience in lecturing, training, mentoring and coaching. He is a qualified Chartered Marketer, with strong strategic, commercial, marketing and international experience. He has also conducted various training programs for high profile organizations including several Governments, FMCG, Hotels, oil companies and private organizations located in Europe, Asia and Middle East. He has led and taught various subjects within Masters, MBA and Executive MBA at highly ranked recognized UK and international Universities. His thinking is shaped by the works of Drucker, Kotler, Mintzberg, Mager,Robbins, Porter, Sun Tzu, Adair, Ohme, Imai, Demings, Juran, Maxwell and Hofstede.

Training Experience (8 years)

As a certified Master Trainer, Coach, NLP Practitioner and Consultant with extensive experience in corporate and public training, he is well qualified. Besides English and Malay, he speaks French, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi and Indonesian language too.His experience as a Business and strategy professional stretches across a number of sectors, namely: Hotel, Retailing, Education, FMCG, Strategic Consultancy, Market research and services, up to senior executive levels. He is also currently on the Board of Directors for a recognised UK Awarding Body. Training specialization in Business Policy and Strategic Management, Marketing Management in a Global Age, Leadership and Change Management, Strategic Marketing Planning, Marketing for Business to Business.

Industry knowledge

Strategy Hotel Management Retailing
Problem Solving Higher Education Marketing
NLP Leadership Skills Change Management
Leadership Malysia Sales

Sample Clients

Accenture Foxconn Technology Malaysia Sunway Medical Centre
Johnson Control Mercedes Benz Novo Nordisk
Tiong Nam Logistics Am Bank Takaful Malaysia
Mydin Holdings University Malaysia Pahang International Medical University

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