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Coaching Skills

Team Leadership Skil
MBA Degree
  • 10 years | Training
  • 20 years | Business
  • HR Director
  • HR for Non-HR Manage
  • Coaching Skills

Business Background (20 years)

As a professional manager and leadership trainer, she has extensive experience in personnel management and business management consulting, accumulated from over 20 years of experiences from multi-national companies and consulting firms. She had long term services with Wal-Mart as the Customer Service Manager first and the Training Manager later. Responsible for the training & development and performance management of all staff at the 1st Supercenter of Wal-Mart at China. She has also served as the Training & Development Manager for Intel (Shanghai Pudong), leading the team to improve the overall quality of personnel to meet the rapidly growing demand for Intel in China. During her work with Saint-Gobain as HRD, she was responsible for the training and development in the Asia-Pacific region. During this period, she has initiated a series of reforms to promote and drive training effectiveness, and has achieved concrete results. Also another category of work experience comes from her consulting work experience. During the period of working as a consultant for 12Learn and Wilson Learning, she has provided effective consultancy and training services to different foreign and Chinese companies, and has also received good feedbacks from the customers. She has studied at the heart of Europe, Belgium. She has got her Master of Educational Studies with the Catholic University of Leuven and her MBA with Vlerick Management School. After returning home, in her spare time, she has also completed the DBA, a joint doctor program by Tongji University of China and the United Business Institute of Belgium. Her dissertation is about how to enhance training effectiveness through line managers’ involvement.

Training Experience (10 years)

As an ex-HRD she is an expert in business management, personnel training and development, human resources, etc.. With the practical experiences accumulated from her work, she is good at providing targeted solutions to customers, based on the company’s actual challenges and future development direction. As an experienced leadership trainer, she had been driving training effectiveness with a series of schemes and had achieved concrete results. She provides consulting and tools besides training about how to help her clients to enhance training effectiveness. Team Leadership & People Development. Situational Delegation and Leadership. Leader as a Coach. HR for Non-HR. Listening & Communication. Effective Feedback. Performance Management.Teamwork Setting Measurable Targets. Behavior-Based Interviewing.The Power of Micro inequities. Train the Trainer.

Industry knowledge

Human Resources Leadership Skills Effective Feedback
Delegation Skills Coaching Skills HR 4 Non-HR
Performance Management Train the trainer Communication Skills
Train the Trainer Setting Measurable Targets Teamwork

Sample Clients

Wal-Mart China Saint-Gobain 20 sub-companies across Saint-Gobain Asia Pacific
Mettler Toledo Intel FedEx
New Model softech 12Learn Softech Agile Institute of Business Studies
ENTC Cisco Supor

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