Corporate Training FAQ

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Where is the training venue?

In-house training is usually at the client venue such as a large meeting room or boardroom since it is cost-effective and convenient. Off-site teambuilding venues can be arranged if necessary.

How many hours is the training course?

Well, what are your training goals? This needs to be discussed. Learning interventions are typically part of an overall Training Solution that includes training needs analysis to align training with business goals. Leadership assessment tools are used for management training to help identify challenges and customize programs. Soft skills workshops are typically 1 or 2 days depending on how tailored they are.

How many staff can attend a training course?

Your training objectives really determine the number of participants per training program. We have experience with delivering workshops to large groups such as 100 MBA Alumni. Most corporate clients choose group size of 10 to 12 staff when they want the training to be more customized. Larger groups of 25 are alright when its generic communication skills to staff from several departments.

Who is the trainer?

NewSkilz Corporate Training has a large network of corporate trainers in large cities in 15 countries such as Shanghai, Beijing, London, Berlin, Johannesburg, etc. Our experienced workshop facilitators have a strong business background and international training experience. Besides native Chinese leadership and soft skills trainers, we also have Western trainers that speak Mandarin and deliver soft skills workshops while speaking Chinese.

What language is the training conducted in?

All our corporate training programs can be delivered in English or Mandarin! Companies want practical business skills regardless of which language they work in. For this reason, we focus on professional soft skills and business communication skills not on language learning. Even though do have training courses on Business English for those who need the basics.

How much does the training course cost?

Training programs are charged for on a daily rate basis and not per participant. We offer discount to clients that purchase long-term training programs.

How do we tailor training content?

Customized training programs produce more business results and have more relevance from a skills development perspective. The key to tailored training is doing an effective Training Needs Analysis and setting measurable goals. We use a variety of assessment tools and pre-training assignments to focus the training.

What course materials are used?

NewSkilz develop their own professional training materials and do not make much use of off-the-shelf textbooks since we understand every client has specific training objectives. Training participants receive a printed workshop handbook.



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