Global Training Services

We offer leadership assessment, training and coaching to multinational companies in 15 countries. We are good at designing tailored management and soft skills workshops to focus on client business goals. Plus we use a variety of professional assessment tools to deepen the training needs analysis and customize programs. Our bi-lingual coaches can deliver in English, Chinese, German, Japanese etc as needed and our workshop facilitators and corporate trainers all have a strong international business background.

Leadership Skills

Develop your leaders:Strategic thinking, Communicating vision, Change Management, Goal setting, Managing teams, decision making, problem solving, time management, conflict management, stress management and negotiation skills.

Competency Assessments

360 Degree Assessments:Detailed individual and team competency reports. Assess leadership skills, situational leadership skills, management skills, supervisory skills, influence skills, emotional intelligence, personality types and interpersonal style.

Management Skills

Performance Management:People management skills, HR for Non-HR Managers, technical team leader skills, interviewing skills and the art of giving feedback.

Executive Soft Skills

Influence People:Emotional intelligence, Executive facilitation skills, Train the Trainer, NLP Soft Skills, Conflict management skills, Interpersonal skills, Asking better questions, listening skills, assertiveness skills.

Cross-Cultural Communication

Embrace diversity:Inter-cultural awareness, Cross-cultural communication skills, Western/Chinese culture and business etiquette, customer service expectations, cross-cultural negotiation and conflict management.

Communication Skills

Self-Management Skills:Presentation skills. Teleconference skills. Meeting skills. Sales skills. Management reporting skills. Communication styles. Personality types. Asking better questions. Listening skills. Assertiveness skills.

Executive Coaching

Certified Executive Coaching:We provide executive business coaching to senior managers, soft skills or management skills coaching to middle management and HR coaching services.

HR/OD Consulting

Organisational Development:HR Consulting assistance is available if you want to design a new Competency Framework or need some inspiration from our OD coaches.



China Soft Skills Trainers EVENT - Train The Trainer
China Soft Skills Trainers EVENT - Train The Trainer
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