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Leadership Skills

Develop your leaders:Strategic thinking, Communicating vision, Change Management, Goal setting, Managing teams, decision making, problem solving, time management, conflict management, stress management and negotiation skills.

Competency Assessments

360 Degree Assessments:Detailed individual and team competency reports. Assess leadership skills, situational leadership skills, management skills, supervisory skills, influence skills, emotional intelligence, personality types and interpersonal style.

Management Skills

Performance Management:People management skills, HR for Non-HR Managers, technical team leader skills, interviewing skills and the art of giving feedback.

Executive Soft Skills

Influence People:Emotional intelligence, Executive facilitation skills, Train the Trainer, NLP Soft Skills, Conflict management skills, Interpersonal skills, Asking better questions, listening skills, assertiveness skills.

Cross-Cultural Communication

Embrace diversity:Inter-cultural awareness, Cross-cultural communication skills, Western/Chinese culture and business etiquette, customer service expectations, cross-cultural negotiation and conflict management.

Communication Skills

Self-Management Skills:Presentation skills. Teleconference skills. Meeting skills. Sales skills. Management reporting skills. Communication styles. Personality types. Asking better questions. Listening skills. Assertiveness skills.

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Global Trainer Database

NewSkilz Training Director
Executive Facilitation
Train The Trainer
NewSkilz Founding Partner

Leadership Soft Skills
IT / HR Consulting business background
12 years GLobal Training Experience
NewSkilz Corporate Trainer
Conflict Management
Soft Skills Author
Leadership Skills

Soft Skills Seminars. EQ. Culture. TTT.
Negotiation skills. Conflict management. Mediation skills.
8 years Interantional Training experience
Case Studies