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Why attend this training course?

Email Soft Skills training provides you with enhanced written soft skills and improves your ability to successfully communicate and influence people via business email correspondence. This training is consists of four modules. 1. Cross-cultural communication which looks at the China email problems in terms of common conflict situations created by a lack of cultural awareness. 2. Clear structure and layout which focusses on the key business writing principles necessary for improving clarity of ideas within emails specifically. 3. Soft skills to influence which introduces high-level approaches and techniques for dealing with conflict management, persuasion and ways to influence the reader. 4. Client case studies looks at sample written correspondence and ultimately how to revise it to be more effective from an executive writing skills perspective., NewSkilz Corporate Training has delivered tailored multi-country Management Training Programs in various languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese in 14 countries worldwide.

Who Should Attend?

This training is for executives, customer service staff or logistics teams that rely heavily on email as a means to communicate with clients to solve problems, propose solutions and handle important and sensitive business issues. This workshop can be delivered in English or Mandarin since it is not language training. The idea is to change the way your staff think about email writing and make them more effective at dealing with people.

What will you learn?

- Email Soft Skills
- China Email Problems
- Cross-cultural email etiquette
- Clarity at a glance
- Layout considerations
- Written Soft Skills
- Influence techniques
- Conflict management skills
- Emotional intelligence
- Client email case studies

Skills Development Focus

- Business Writing Principles for email writing
- Elements to successful west-east communication
- Common email problems due to culture difference
- Techniques for achieving email clarity
- Structure, layout, formatting, space and readability
- Soft skills to influence people in emails
- Framing issues
- Positive communication
- Considering the reader
- Client email sample analysis and corrections

Email Soft Skills

China Email Soft Skills Business Writing Skills Written Soft Skills Executive Writing Skills
Cross-cultural email skills Clear emails Positive communication Email complaints
Conflict management skills Framing issues Business email ettiquette Email formatting
Management emails Structured writing Written soft skills China email skills

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