Executive Interview Skills

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Why attend this training course?

Interview Skills are an important part of Talent Management for line managers and internal recruitment staff. With the concept of HR as the Business Partner it is increasingly relevant to provide hiring managers with a comprehensive knowledge of best practice communication skills and strategies for interviewing staff. Assessing candidates in terms of personality, skills, experience and attitude is crucial to selection. Ultimately you want to be able to predict the candidate’s behavior on the job if hired! Meeting skills are also at the heart of interviews and this workshop will improve your executive meeting skills. The training also looks at the STAR interview method which is a structured manner of responding to a behavioral-based interview question by discussing the specific situation, task, action, and result of the situation you are describing. This training will provide the participants with better Recruitment Skills by providing them with a systematic interview approach. Interview best practices and checklists will be provided to help the participants take away some useful tools. NewSkilz Corporate Training has delivered tailored multi-country Management Training Programs in various languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese in 14 countries worldwide.

Who Should Attend?

Any HR staff, hiring managers, staffing and recruitment professionals and headhunters that want to improve their cross-cultural executive interview skills. The participants will be motivated to take on more of a HR role in their department and ultimately contribute to the overall Talent Management Strategy in the organization. Corporate image and brand awareness is another aspect of conducting interviews. Candidates will walk away and tell talk about the bad interview experiences they had! Candidates can handle being rejected by you as long as they feel respected by you. Good recruitment skills are necessary during the screening and interviewing process saves you money and improves staff productivity in the long-term.

What will you learn?

- Executive Interview Skills
- Strategic organizational impact
- Understanding Candidates
- Executive Meeting Skills
- Selling Jobs to Candidates
- Building Rapport
- Asking Better Questions
- Active Listening skills
- Time Management
- Negotiation Skills
- Conflict Management Skills
- Emotional Intelligence

Skills Development Focus

- Representing your company brand as an executive
- Knowing the needs, feelings and goals of candidates
- Making the candidate feel respected and welcome
- Establishing a close, warm and personal connection
- Controlling the interview pace, focus and direction
- Being positive and influencing candidate feelings
- Understanding candidates work experience/skills
- Influencing, persuading and motivating candidates
- Dealing with difficult interview discussion points
- Focus and making the best use of time
- Driving the conversation with your ears
- Using group dynamics in panel interviews
- Effective Panel Interviews
- Interview Note Taking Documenting key points
- Making an email interview summary

Executive Interview Skills

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