HR for Non-HR Managers

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HR for Non-HR Managers          MANAGEMENT SKILLS                                                                                                          NewSkilz Training Course in Shanghai China

Why attend this training course?

The work focus of a people manager is quite different from an individual contributor. But few newly promoted managers know about the differences, and have the readiness for the change. They normally will go through many of the following challenges: - Hiring request has been given to HR for a long time, but HR cannot find the candidate that I need; I feel the value of my position has been underestimated; How to find the cooperative subordinate among so many candidates? Terminate an employee’s contract is HR’s responsibility… - Our performance scheme is very good, but our subordinates just cannot achieve their goals; There is performance evaluation every quarter, which consumes a lot of our precious time, with which, we can be more productive by visiting more customers, producing more products; During performance evaluation interview, it is quite difficult to discuss about poor performance with employees. How to have the expected motivation effects with performance management? - How to retain good employees and help them to perform better? To be the excellent manager, besides functional knowledge, management skills and leadership, NewSkilz Corporate Training has delivered tailored multi-country Management Training Programs in various languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese in 14 countries worldwide. he/she still need know about following people management skills: hiring, performance management, job design, training & development, employee communication, compensation & benefits… With all these, managers can enhance their overall people management skills and team performances.

Who Should Attend?

Managers and team leaders that require people management skills can benefit from this workshop and will obtain: The right people management mind-set Understand company’s leadership standards/requirements. Equip managers with people management theories and tools. Understand the following: Behavior Interviewing and competency based questioning Training and People Development Performance Management Compensation & Benefits theory and practices Employee Relationship

What will you learn?

- HR Skills for Non-HR Managers
- People Management Philosophy
- Line Management HR Role
- People Management Skills
- Behavior Interviewing Skills
- Performance Management
- Training and Development
- Compensation and Benefit
- Effective Report Writing
- Talent Management

Skills Development Focus

- People Management Skills
- HR Soft Skills
- Behavioral interview skills
- Career path design
- Drafting JD Competencies
- Principles of C&B
- Setting achievable targets
- Giving constructive feedback
- Motivation techniques
- Staff retention strategies

HR for Non-HR Managers

HR 4 Non-HR People Management Skills HR Soft Skills Behavioral Interview Skills
Performance Management Career planning Effective Feedback Talent Management
Compensation Benefits Setting Targets Staff Motivation HR Competencies
Report Writing Skills Staff Retention Motivation Strategies Corporate Culture

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