Change Management Coaching

EXECUTIVE COACHING Change Management Coaching / 1 on 1 Change Management Coach
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Change Management Coaching

Change Management Coaching is for helping CXO and Senior Management Leaders come up with a Vision and Strategy for implementing strategic Change Management initiatives in the organization.. What changes would you like to make in your company? For instance, a new General Manager has the objective to develop a more proactive corporate culture and likes the idea of having an external change management coach to be a sounding board to his/her ideas and to offer guidance when asked. Another example would be a Senior Manager responsible for a recent merger / acquisition and looking to develop an effective post-merger change management strategy to help the two companies integrate on various levels. NewSkilz Corporate Training has delivered tailored multi-country Management Training Programs in various languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese in 14 countries worldwide.

Change Management Surveys

We have a variety of pre-coaching competency assessments which we use to help identify specific areas in need of development for the coachee if this is appropriate and a goal. We also help the leader by providing Facilitation Services as needed to engage the management team under the leader and involve them in the change management initiatives. As needed, we also offer 360 degree survey assessments and interviews to collect input from coachee's superiors, subordinates and peers to provide a comprehensive and detailed report that is used as input to the coach goal setting phase. Additional assessments such as the Emotional Intelligence Competency Survey are also used as needed depending on the coaching objectives.

Pre-Coaching Assessments

- 1. 360° Advanced Leadership Practice Survey
- 2. 360°Management Practice Survey
- 3. 360° Supervisory Practice Survey
- 4. 360° Emotional Intelligence Competence Survey
- 5. Personality Type Inventory Survey
- 6. Style of Influence Survey
- 7. Situational Leadership Survey
- 8. Communication Style Survey
- 9. Cross-Cultural Profile Assessment
- 10. DISC / MBTI Profiles

Change Management Coaching

- We have multi-lingual ICF Certified Coaches
- Select an experienced / certified coach
- Start with validated competency assessments
- Recommend SMART coaching objectives
- Customize the agreed coaching plan and schedule
- Deliver inspiring and structured coaching sessions
- Focus coaching on goals and specific deliverables
- Include value added additional coaching assignments
- Give regular feedback and progress reports
- Achieve the coaching goals on time

Change Management Coaching

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