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Why attend this training course?

Executives need to communicate professionally by email and it is often difficult since we need to rely only on the written word. This workshop will give you insight into writing professional emails that can improve your email communication, regardless of if it is English emails or Chinese emails! Business Email Etiquette skills training is useful for reducing conflict internally and with clients and suppliers. Feelings lead to action. Therefore it is important we pay attention to how we write emails to people so that we can positively influence their attitude towards us. We need learn to not irritate and annoy people that we email because of cultural differences and language issues. Learn to consider the reader is the main idea! With management level emails it is important to know when to acknowledge ideas, accept criticism or reframe issues. NewSkilz Corporate Training has delivered tailored multi-country Management Training Programs in various languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese in 14 countries worldwide.

Who Should Attend?

At the heart of business writing skills is business email ettiquette because this knowledge gives us the the ability to influence the reader. When you do not talk to people face to face often and rely on written email communicaton it is important for you to learn the subtlty of email ettiquette. This training program will help you with building rappport by email, communicately persuasively with written soft skills and maintaining a polite and consideration tone. Lots of problems and conflict can be avoided if we learn to write emails better and show the proper respect and consideration.

What will you learn?

- Learn email etiquette skills
- Cross-Cultural email etiquette
- Demonstrate consideration for the reader
- Make a good impression by email
- Send polite and professional emails
- Influence the reader with your tone
- Apply emotional intelligence to emails
- Show courteous email behavior
- Maintain your corporate culture
- Say no to requests without offending

Skills Development Focus

- Write executive business emails
- Achieve a polite written tone
- Learn email etiquette skills
- Cross-Cultural email etiquette
- Make polite requests for information and help
- Using positive words instead of negative words
- Understand when to reply emails and when to phone
- Learn to ask better questions by email
- Avoid conflict by framing issues well
- Learn how to be assertive yet polite

Email Etiquette Skills

Executive Email Skills Email Etiquette Business Writing Skills Polilte Tone
Dealing with Complaints Building Rapport Professional Structure Appropriate Responses
Level of Formality Informal Communication Formal Communication Email Reports
Email Requests Email Problems Writing Style Emotional Intelligence

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