管理技能 NLP Problem Solving / 中国个性定制企业培训
NLP的决策与问题解决培训          管理技能                                                                                                          NewSkilz Training Course in Shanghai China


Get higher quality personal and team results by learning to think with greater precision, congruence and with the tools for problem solving and decision making. Great decisions come from the combination of rational, logical analysis and intuition. Our brains can do both – when we let them. Learn to use the whole brain of yourself and your team, to communicate more. THIS TRAINING COURSE IS ALSO AVAILABLE IN CHINESE! PLEASE CONTACT US FOR DETAILS.


Executives are more productive when they have the ability to run meetings that result in better decision making and problem solving. This training uses NLP communication skills, techniques and principles to help you learn more about leading such dynamic, creative, engaging and fruitful meetings. Ultimately making you a better leader with more ability to influence, motivate and engage individuals and teams.


- NLP Decision Making / Problem Solving Skills
- State management
- Resolving underlying issues
- Conscious creativity
- Parallel and collaborative thinking
- Leveraging teams
- Deliberately directing attention
- Harnessing intuition
- Clear and specific use of language
- Using questions
- Generative skill development
- Assigning rather than abdicating


- 1. Identify the problem - Know what is really going on
- 2. Treating the cause rather than the symptoms
- 3. Setting up criteria
- 4. Model and use outstanding thinking from others
- 5. Access a world-class decision-making mindset
- 6. Use changes of pace and context to trigger shifts
- 7. The Five-Step Decision Making model
- 8. Know when to be logical and when to be intuitive
- 9. Specific language for precision and specificity
- 10. Identifying clear outcomes, criteria and values


China NLP Training Decision Making Skills Problem Solving Skills Creative Thinking
Intuition Decision Making Models Clear Outcomes Collaborative Thinking
NLP Communication Skills Asking Better Questions Logical Discussions Executive Communication Skills
Persuasive Communication Influence Skills Decision Making Tools Problem Solving Techniques

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