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Why attend this training course?

Systems Thinking skills develop your analytical skills regardless of what type of business you are doing and are useful to both mangers and technical staff. Coming up with fast short-term solutions can cause more problems in the long-run if they don’t consider the big picture. It can be a mistake to solve a problem without carefully analysing the consequences and impact on related people, processes and resources. Failure to consider alternative solutions is often a result of a lack of creative systems thinking. Pressure to take action in the short-term can lead to a fire-fighting mentality which focusses on dealing with the symptoms rather than the cure. Most of the time, it is small incremental changes to the system that produce the biggest positive changes in the long-term. NewSkilz Corporate Training has delivered tailored multi-country Management Training Programs in various languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese in 14 countries worldwide.

Who Should Attend?

Systems Thinking skills are useful to everyone from senior managers to technical software developers. A management team is trying to figure out why their teams are working so much overtime yet still not meeting key deadlines. Software developers are consistently producing application software that is not effectively meeting user requirements. The sales team is not meeting their targets and are not maintaing the CRM database properly. WHY? Why are these problems happening and how can they be solved? Systems thinking can help your team solve such problems by looking at the big picture and not just focussing on isolated issues!

What will you learn?

- Systems Thinking Skills
- 1.‘Think outside of the box’
- 2.‘Big picture’ decision making approach
- 3. Creative analytical ability
- 4. Think within a structured framework
- 5. Stop ‘fire fighting’ isolated events
- 6. Discover root cause reasons
- 7. Proactive contingency planning
- 8.Increased organisation-wide accountability
- 9. Systemic thinking
- 10. Data / Process analysis skills

Skills Development Focus

- Develop creative problem solving skills
- Consider the impact of decisions
- Look at why and not only what/how
- Learn to ask better questions
- Find long-term solutions
- Critical thinking skills
- See organisational issues as wholes
- Recognise patterns and interrelationships
- Explore and understand inter-related processes
- Improve organisational systems.
- Predict unexpected action and behavior

Systems Thinking Skills

Systems Thinking Skills Problem Solving Skills Decision Making Skills Lateral Thinking
Creative Thinking Root Cause Analysis Big Picture Out of the box
Recognise Patterns Inter-related Processes Organizational Systems Structured Framework
Proactive Thinking Business Analysis Systems Analysis Management Training

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