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Train The Trainer          MANAGEMENT SKILLS                                                                                                          NewSkilz Training Course in Shanghai China

Why attend this training course?

Our Train The Trainer workshop will help you improve as a workshop facilitator, corporate trainer and manager. Learn instructional design principles, action learning tips, advanced facilitation skills for training activity design. We determine the training focus topics after the training needs analysis with the client and identify specific goals. Our TTT Trainers are experienced with design and delivery of global management training programs and know how to customize this training so it focusses on your priorities, content and training context. For example, we have helped Technical Trainers at Citi bank to develop presentation and facilitation skills as an internal trainer. Localizing training content and activities to different cultures is also one of our strengths. For instance, we translated and adapted soft skills training content from Wipro, a multinational Indian IT firm so that it could be delivered effectively in China which requires cross-cultural insight into how to engage learners there. NewSkilz Corporate Training has delivered tailored multi-country Management Training Programs in various languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese in 14 countries worldwide. Line Managers in an international trading firm, who deliver technical training to departments were taught how to design and deliver effective workshops from a training perspective. We have also helped inhouse HR learning and development corporate trainers to develop a deeper understanding of practical training delivery skills.

Who Should Attend?

Learning and Development executives, internal trainers and line managers that need to design and deliver in-house training programs on soft skills or technical knowledge and product training on in a professional, engaging and interactive way. Inspire your Internal Trainers with world class best practices! NewSkilz Corporate Training has delivered tailored multi-country Management Training Programs in 14 countries worldwide.

What will you learn?

- How to set learning objectives
- How to deliver interactive training
- How to design engaging content
- Training methodology and process
- Training objectives needs analysis
- Course design skills documentation
- Training tools and techniques
- Facilitation skills for corporate training
- Learning styles and preferences
- NLP basic communication tips

Skills Development Focus

- Curriculum design skills
- Activity design skills
- Building rapport with participants
- Icebreakers and Energizers
- Task based design
- Stimulating participation
- Interacting with course participants
- Handling questions and giving feedback
- Training Facilitation skills
- Social Intelligence
- Emotional Intelligence

Train The Trainer

Presentation skills Facilitation skills Documentation skills Trainer skills
Discussions Games Role-Plays Writing tasks
Computer uses Goal Setting Classroom Management Giving feedback
Elicitation techniques Managing interruptions Involving participants Structuring sessions

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