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NewSkilz Corporate Training has Global experience with design and delivery of tailored leadership and soft skills training mostly via Face to Face workshops in English, Mandarin, Japanese etc.

14 Countries | 4 Continents | 30 Cities

Johannesburg South Africa Management TrainingSouth Africa | Johannesburg
View Paul Murphy's LinkedIn profile Johannesburg South Africa, Paul Murphy | Founding Partner | NewSkilz Corporate Training (South Africa) Phone / WhatsApp +270630725522 WeChat = NewSkilz-Paul
50 Concourse Crescent, 48 Lonehill Mews, Lonehill, Sandton, Johannesburg, 2191, Gauteng, South Africa. Company Registration # 2019/112343/07 Enterprise # K2019112343 Central Supplier Database Supplier # MAAA1060546>
B-BBEE Level 4 Certificate for Exempted Micro Enterprises # 9340328953 expiry 27 Jan 2022
ABSA Bank Account confirmation and valid Tax Clearance pin available on request.

Shanghai China Management TrainingChina | Shanghai
View Angela Zhan's LinkedIn profile Angela Zhan | Managing Partner | NewSkilz Corporate Training (China) Phone: +86-2164737102 WeChat: NewSkilz-Angela
NewSkilz Corporate Training (China) - Enterprise Name: 上海驶向商务资询有限公司
Suite 4C, Building 2, 365 Xinhua Lu, Changning, Shanghai 200052, China. Link only works in China. International clients can request PDF
Company Registration # 310114001928442 Enterprise # 91310114684054877M
Registration Date: 21 January 2009 Expiry date: 2039 Commercial Bank of China.
Bank account confirmation and valid China Tax Clearance available on request.

GLobal Management Training2021 Global Trainer Recruitment

* Experienced Freelance Trainers that also have a strong Management career background
* Please send us your CV, photo, trainer profile, workshop outlines, sample content and expected daily rate.
* Currently, our project-based recruitment focus is on South Africa and China.
* Zoom Video Interviews for successful candidates.

NewSkilz Corporate Training is based in South Africa and China where we have legal entities respectively. Our global trainer database enables us to provide multi-lingual facilitators that have the right cultural fit for multi-country programs across geographic regions.

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Paul Murphy | NewSkilz Founding Partner | Johannesburg South Africa,      Official-WeChat-NewSkilz-Corporate-Training-China-Shanghai      Angela Zhan | NewSkilz Managing Partner






South Africa EVENTS - NewSkilz Corporate Training Johannesburg
RSVP Paul Murphy


China EVENTS - NewSkilz Corporate Training Shanghai
RSVP Angela Zhan

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NewSkilz Corporate Training - Global Tailored Training - South Africa - China

Global 50 Training Case Studies

Multi-Country Training Programs
- delivered by multi-lingual facilitators
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