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NewSkilz Corporate Training has experience helping multi-national companies with:
- Global Learning and Development training design, delivery and evaluation
- Multi-Country Change Management initiatives, Leadership Assessment and Development Programs
- Leadership Development, People Management and Cross Cultural Soft Skills Training

Established in 2009: 14 Countries | 4 Continents | 30 Cities

China | Shanghai
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2021 Global Trainer Recruitment

* Freelance Trainers, please send your CV and leadership training experience.
* Project-based recruitment is focussed on trainers based in China.
* Zoom Video Interviews for successful candidates.

NewSkilz Corporate Training is based in Shanghai China where we have a Chinese legal entity. Our global trainer database enables us to provide multi-lingual facilitators that have the right cultural fit for multi-country programs across geographic regions.

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Cross-Cultural Soft Skills training for virtual teams.

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