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We delivered 6 days Proactive Problem Solving Skills training in Taipei city, Taiwan.

Taiwan | Management Skills

Business Challenge

Develop proactive planning skills and problem solving skills for Taiwanese managers.

Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

The client wanted to help all the Managers across Taiwan to improve their proactive problem solving skills as managers. Skills development priorities identified were Problem Definition and Root Cause Analysis techniques. Looking deeper at problems and discovering the sometimes hidden root causes. The TNA revealed that some managers were more comfortable with training in Mandarin, so we decided to deliver 2 workshops in English with trainer Paul and 1 workshop in Mandarin with trainer Klaus to take this into account.

Training Solution

We delivered 6 days of Problem Solving Skills training in Taipei in the form of 3 two day workshops, one of which is scheduled for March 2017. Problem Solving approaches in the East tend to involve more focus on relationships. For this reason, we provided 2 Western trainers that are based in Shanghai for over 10 years each. It was important that the facilitators had a deep understanding of Chinese culture and how it related to problem solving, planning, time management and dealing with crisis. Our western trainers were able to focus the participants on both the problem solving tools and techniques, as well as the subtly of cross-cultural communication in the context of proactive planning and fire fighting skills. Trainer Klaus is German speaks fluent Mandarin, besides German and English, so delivered his workshop in the local language which made it easier for some participants to absorb.

Taiwan | Management Skills

Industry Clinical Drug Trials
The client is a Multinational and specialise in clinical drug trials across the world.

Delivery Location


Delivery Language English / Mandarin

Delivery Schedule 6 days total
2 days English / 4 days Mandarin

Training Participants 55 Managers

Nationality: Chinese

People Managers

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