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We delivered 2 days Proactive Problem Solving Skills training in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

South Africa | Management Skills

Business Challenge

Develop proactive planning skills and problem solving skills for South African managers.

Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

The client wanted to help all the Managers across South Africa to improve their proactive problem solving skills as managers. Skills development priorities identified were Problem Definition and Root Cause Analysis techniques. Looking deeper at problems and discovering the sometimes hidden root causes. South Africa is known as the Rainbow Nation since they have a very multi-cultural society in terms of race, religion, culture and language. Therefore it was important that our training facilitator understand the participants and relate to them culturally. For this reason, we provided a native South African trainer, Paul, who grew up in Richards Bay near Durban, studied at Rhodes University and worked 7 years in IT Consulting in Johannesburg South Africa.

Training Solution

We delivered a 2 day workshop on Problem Solving Skills training in Bloemfontein and are scheduled to deliver another workshop in September 2017. Around 20 participants per workshop and 40 staff in total. We provided a native South African facilitator, Paul, who was good at engage the participants well due to his understanding of the culture of the rainbow nation. The participants were very receptive to the workshop and open to discussing their challenges in terms of preventative planning, problem solving and people management skills. Our South African trainer found it easy to build rapport with the participants during the workshop and they were quite curious about business culture in other countries since South Africa is quite remote from Europe, Asia and America. The trainer added value to the problem solving skills training by including some cross-cultural insights gained from his international business and training background. These soft skills stories and tips were useful to the participants since they work in many virtual teams made up of global stakeholders in different countries. It is important to remember that problem solving skills are often about our people skills and how we influence and engage stakeholders.

South Africa | Management Skills

Industry Clinical Drug Trials
The client is a Multinational and specialise in clinical drug trials across the world.

Delivery Location


Delivery Language English

Delivery Schedule 4 days total
4 Bloemfontein

Training Participants 40 Managers

Nationality: South African

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