Germany | Proactive Problem Solving Skills Germany | Proactive Problem Solving Skills

We delivered 12 days Proactive Problem Solving Skills training in Germany.

UK | Multi-City Management Skills

Business Challenge

Develop problem solving skills and proactive people management skills for German and EU Managers in Berlin.

Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

The client wanted to help all the German managers to improve their people management skills in terms of ability to be more proactive and systematic in their approach to using data to analyze root causes to problems and come up with solutions that consider all stakeholders.

Training Solution

We provided one of our lead soft skills facilitators, trainer Paul, to deliver all the Berlin workshops and this proved to be a good idea since he got to know the organization better by experiencing participants at various locations. We delivered 8 days management skills training and are scheduled to complete another 4 days in 2017. Around 20 participants per workshop. This program was interesting since each workshop would have participants from various EU countries in it.

Germany | Proactive Problem Solving Skills

Industry Pharmaceutical
The client is a global industry leader with offices worldwide in Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East and the Americas.

Delivery Location Germany


Delivery Language English

Delivery Schedule 12 days total

Training Participants 240 Managers

Nationality: German | Europeans

People Managers | New Managers

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