Western Restaurant Etiquette SkillsWestern Restaurant Etiquette Skills  Western Restaurant Etiquette Skills

We helped a Manufacturing company in Suzhou to enhance Cross-Cultural awareness in terms of Western Restaurant Etiquette.

Western Restaurant Etiquette Skills

Business Challenge

Develop Cross-Cultural Awareness of Chinese mangers and staff for Western Restaurant Etiquette to improve relationships with international colleagues and customers.

Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

We discovered the participants would be from different departments and would not all have fluent English so we decided to provide an American trainer, Julian that was fluent in both English and Mandarin which the client appreciated. The HR and Training Managers were very helpful in the Training Needs Analysis phase.

Training Solution

The Western Etiquette Skills training included skills development topics such as cross-cultural socializing skills such as appropriate small talk, the do’s and don’ts of polite table manners, etiquette around eating and drinking, the impact of body language and aspects of typical culture shock. Our facilitator had a deep cross-cultural sensitivity since he spoke both English and Mandarin and was a good West meets East bridge.

Western Restaurant Etiquette Skills

Industry Manufacturing
Rogers Corporation is a leading global manufacturer of electronics products such as power distrubution sytems and advanced materials for impact protection.

Delivery Location China


Delivery Language Mandarin

Delivery Schedule Half Day
Tailored Training

Participants 20 Staff

Nationality: Chinese

Managers / Staff

Cross-Cultural Communication NewSkilz-Corporate-Training

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