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We delivered 2 days Proactive Problem Solving Skills training in Bucharest, Romania.

Romania | Management Skills

Business Challenge

Develop proactive planning skills and problem solving skills for Romanian managers.

Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

The client wanted to help all the Managers across Romania to improve their proactive problem solving skills as managers. Skills development priorities identified were Problem Definition and Root Cause Analysis techniques. Looking deeper at problems and discovering the sometimes hidden root causes.

Training Solution

We delivered a 2 day workshop on Problem Solving Skills training in Bucharest, Romania. Our trainer, Paul, has delivered this workshop many times for this client in Europe. Therefore, he was able to add value by putting a lot of the problem solving concepts into the client context by using specific examples that their colleagues in other countries has shared with him in previous workshops. Tailored training is made easier to deliver when a few good instructors are selected to deliver a standard workshop many times across different locations.

Romania | Management Skills

Industry Clinical Drug Trials
The client is a Multinational and specialise in clinical drug trials across the world.

Delivery Location


Delivery Language English

Delivery Schedule 2 days total
Intensive Workshop

Training Participants 18 Managers


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