Presenting Project Proposals to Management Presenting Project Proposals to Management Presenting Project Proposals to Management

We helped high potential Asia Pacific managers, in an Engineering manufacturer, enhance Presentation Soft Skills for presenting project proposals to management.

Presenting Project Proposals to Management

Business Challenge

Help prepare managers to present their project proposals with a more executive approach.

Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

The Engineering manufacturer had brought together high potential managers from the Asia Pacific region. Participants were from China, Korea, Japan and India. English was the working language for all. They had different levels of confidence due to their English levels and cultural differences. They were preparing to deliver a group presentation to the leadership on their research projects of the past few months.

Training Solution

The Executive Presentation Skills Training was very interactive with lots of small group activities where participants practiced presenting and receiving feedback in their presenting style. Content covered skills development topics such reading the audience, non-verbal communication such as facial expressions and hand gestures, using voice for impact and emphasis for points, executive presence, positive communication and energy, asking better questions to interact with the audience and facilitation and assertiveness skills for handling difficult QnA from senior leaders. This workshop received good feedback!

Presenting Project Proposals to Management

Industry Marketing
Eaton is a global Engineering manufacturer of power management products.

Delivery Location China


Delivery Language English

Delivery Schedule 1 day
Intensive Workshop

Training Participants 30 people

Nationality: Chinese / Korean / Japanese / Indian

Managers | High Potetnials

Presentation Skills-NewSkilz-China-Training

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