Inter-Departmental Communication SkillsInter-Departmental Communication Skills  Inter-Departmental Communication Skills

We helped a global IT giant, Wipro, to localize their internal training content and facilitation plan for a Communication Skills workshop. Plus we provided a Western trainer to deliver the training in Mandarin in Shanghai.

Inter-Departmental Communication Skills

Business Challenge

Localize the Wipro Communication Skills content and have it delivered in Mandarin.

Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

We discovered that the participants used English as their working language inside the company. However, they did not all have fluent English. So we decided to deliver the training in Mandarin to have more impact on the skills development focus. Plus we translated the content into Mandarin so the training handbook could be bi-lingual.

Training Solution

We provided an American Soft Skills Trainer that could speak fluent Mandarin. Experienced with the cultural differences in communicating in the West and China, our trainer was able to give the participants insight into appropriate and culturally relevant communication skills and issues from the Western perspective but by discussing the issues in Mandarin which was appreciated by the participants. Skills development focus topics were the communication process, non-verbal communication, listening skills, asking better questions, empathy and framing issues.

Inter-Departmental Communication Skills

Industry IT
Wipro is a global IT software firm with headquarters in India.

Delivery Location China


Delivery Language Mandarin

Delivery Schedule 1 Day
Tailored Training

Participants 20 Staff

Nationality: Chinese

Individual Contributors

Communication Skills Training case study-NewSkilz Corporate Training

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