IT Email Skills for Software DevelopersIT Email Skills for Software Developers IT Email Skills for Software Developers

We helped an American Internet Marketing firm improve USA / China communication, teamwork and productivity.

IT Email Skills for Software Developers

Business Challenge

This IT company had a brilliant Chinese software development team in Shanghai that worked closely with the western Product Managers in the USA. They enjoyed a good collaboration but the USA VP wanted to make things even better since that was their corporate culture of excellence. Improving the clarity and structure of technical emails was identified as a priority for training.

Training Needs Analysis

The Chinese software developers had a very advanced English level and were super smart young talent so we decided to deliver the Email Skills training in English. Cultural differences accounted for some of the differences in email style between the Chinese and American colleagues and we took this into consideration in designing the training. We collected writing samples from the participants such as emails and technical specifications that they sent to the American software product managers.

Training Solution

We provided an experienced Soft Skills Trainer that had a strong IT Consulting background therefore he was able to share many best practices about software development email skills. The IT Technical Email Skills training was well received and resulted in immediate impact in terms of the team's emails becoming clearer at a glance and better structured and formatted. Ultimately, their American colleagues found it easier to communicate with them as a result and teamwork improved.

IT Email Skills for Software Developers

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Marin provides industry leading enterprise marketing software for advertisers and agencies to measure, manage, and optimize more than $7.8 billion in annualized ad spend across the web and mobile devices.

Delivery Location China


Delivery Language English

Delivery Schedule 2 day total
4 half day sessions

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