Leadership Coaching for GM Vision Leadership Coaching for GM Vision Leadership Coaching for GM Vision

An Italian General Manager, of an international trade firm based in Shanghai, had recently been appointed to this new leadership role and wanted some ad hoc coaching and inspiration on his innovative ideas for change and a new vision for the company.

Leadership Coaching for GM Vision

Business Challenge

The GM wanted to flexibly schedule ad hoc coaching sessions on a demand basis when he needed some inspiration and guidance in coming up with his new vision, looking at how to implement some strategies and also a strategic initiative to create and formalize a set of corporate values for the organization!

Coaching Needs Analysis

The GM, Alberto, was a magnetic leader and naturally attracts people to share his clear organizational vision of leading change, product innovation and caring more. We provided Trip Barthel, a Master Soft Skills Coach and Organizational Design Consultant, who is from America and has a wealth of business experience as a leader and a deep knowledge of facilitation skills, appreciative inquiry, conflict management and positive communication.

Coaching Solution

The executive coaching sessions went very well and our coach Trip succeeded in supporting and inspiring the GM during this critical stage in starting his new leadership role in the company. This coaching also led to a Facilitated group Workshop being designed and delivered for the entire Management Team in which Trip acted as a facilitator and helped them brainstorm, discuss, prioritize, evaluate and clarify strategic issues such as supplier management and corporate values. It was a real pleasure for NewSkilz to have the opportunity to work with this GM who really CARED about making real changes in his company! (Reference available)

Leadership Coaching for GM Vision

Industry International Trade
Coop Global Sourcing is the buying office of consumer cooperative retailers and specialize in sourcing of non-food consumer goods. Experts in private label development, with deep knowledge of the Asian / European retail market.

Delivery Location China


Delivery Language English

Delivery Schedule 2 day total
4 half day sessions

Coachee 1


General Manager

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