Facilitation Services for Improving Sales Meetings  Facilitation Services for Improving Sales Meetings

We provided a Strategic Facilitation Service, to a Sales Team in the Real Estate industry in Shanghai, to help them change their approach to Sales Presentations.

Facilitation Services for Improving Sales Meetings

Business Challenge

Client facing Presentations were identified as an area for improvement. Specifically, introducing the company credentials and presenting proposals. The client was a real estate rentals provider in Shanghai that specialized in serving multinational companies.

Facilitation Goals

The business development and sales teams frequently delivered interactive sales presentations to new clients when bidding on projects. Presentations often took longer than desired and the amount of challenging questions during the presentation was also a concern. These meetings were often tough with clients asking many challenging questions around their service delivery due to the competitive nature of the industry. The General Manager wanted to help the sales team be more effective in these crucial client meetings. The sales staff were extremely busy at this point in time since it was their peak season so we had added pressure to come up with a solution that would not take long to implement yet still have impact. The client did not have time to design and deliver lots of training to these busy sales staff so we decided to help them by offering a facilitation service instead. Listening to the leadership team, it became clear that they felt the company PowerPoint deck, for introducing their brand and pitching new clients, was not as good as it could be. We decided to focus on deliver a mini-workshop of a couple of hours using a facilitation approach rather than a pure training. Our facilitator, an experienced trainer on business writing skills and presentation soft skills, was also a real sales executive having lots of client facing sales presentations in his own IT / HR Consulting career.

Facilitation Solution

The sales team were taken through a series of short interactive presentations by the facilitator who highlighted some of the key business writing principles that would enhance their awareness of how to design an effective, clear and engaging sales pitch presentation. The real client sales PPT samples were used in these discussions to make it relevant and practical. The participants were divided into several teams and each team was assigned a set of PPT slides to revamp as a post-training assignment. A few weeks later the company had created a new PPT deck for introducing their brand, services and value proposition! Sales meetings become shorter in terms of time which meant our sales staff were able to present their value proposition in a more simple, clear and fast way. Interestingly enough they also received less challenging questions from our clients during the presentation due to the well-structured content and the vivid visual approach we used in the redesigned PowerPoint slides." This is a great example of how FACILITATION can be more effective than Training!

Facilitation Services for Improving Sales Meetings

Industry Real Estate
Landin Shanghai are a real estate rentals firm that serve multinationals that have expatriates relocating to China.

Delivery Location China


Delivery Language English

Delivery Schedule Half day
Facilitation Service

Participants 12


General Manager | Sales Team

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