Communication Skills with an NLP Coach  Communication Skills with an NLP Coach

We helped a Chinese Manufacturing company to improve the Communication Skills and Cross-Cultural awareness of their Managers.

Communication Skills with an NLP Coach

Business Challenge

This Chinese company had a conservative and traditional corporate culture. As part of a Management Development program, we were asked to design and deliver a workshop to Managers from various departments.

Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

After talking to the leaders we discovered that the English level was not so high for all the mangers so we decided to deliver the training in Mandarin. The skills development focus for the workshop was around communication skills such as framing issues, listening skills, active listening, giving feedback and some cross-cultural aspects related to routine meetings and emails.

Training Solution

Our trainer, Shintaro, was a Japanese martial arts expert with an Akido black belt and certified NLP Master trainer. Besides English and Japanese, he also spoke fluent Mandarin! As an experienced executive, having worked in China, Japan and USA California, he had a deep cultural sensitivity which was crucial to this training delivery.

Communication Skills with an NLP Coach

Industry Manufacturing
Mphasis is a global IT Solutions company.

Delivery Location China


Delivery Language Mandarin

Delivery Schedule 2 days
Intensive Workshop

Participants 25 Staff

Nationality: Chinese

Managers / Staff

NLP Communication Skills Training case study-NewSkilz Corporate Training

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